Where to Eat Well in Skiathos?

Summer is abutting and like every year, abounding of my audience ask me a acute question: area to eat able-bodied in Skiathos? For my approaching guests and for all of you who accept alleged or conceivably will accept this destination for your summer vacation, actuality is my abstract acknowledgment to this alternating problem.

Our admirable island is abounding of taverns and restaurants of all kinds, from affliction to best. Your best will depend on your affection and on your budget…

If you wish to eat in a hurry, on the go, and accept athirst adolescence in your party, actuality are two simple and bargain solutions.

1) The acceptable “souvlakia,” which are fabricated of “gyros” of pork or craven meat, marinated and captivated in a pancake alleged “pitta”. This meat can be topped with tzatziki, pieces of tomatoes, onions, and even in some cases, French chips (in this case, getting a Belgian, frankly, I’m not abiding it was their best idea). All souvlakia are not good, some of them are even inedible and to abstain you any bad adventures actuality are some of my favourite “souvladzidika”. The aboriginal one is alleged “Time out” at the alpha of the Papadiamantis Street, the capital artery down town, on your appropriate as you face the harbour. The additional one, “Alexandros” is afterpiece to our alcazar at the end of the capital road, just afore demography the” periphériakos “on your left.

2) The pizzas: there is a actual acceptable pizzeria at about 500m from the villa. It is alleged “Ta boubounakia” and is a bit off the bend of the capital alley and the alley that leads to Platanias Valley. The pizzas, adapted on firewood, are delicious. My favourite is the Greek one (sorry for the Italians) with peppers, tomatoes, olives and, of course, feta cheese. You can adjustment by phone, aces them and eat them on our admirable terrace.

But I brainstorm you accept not appear to Greece just for souvlakia and pizzas. Greece, in everyone’s mind, agency baby aboveboard and fluctuant tables, covered with a cardboard tablecloth, area we alcohol a canteen of retsina or ouzo, at sunset, with some “mezedes”, while alert to the lapping of the baptize and block from time to time a bold mosquito, right?

Some taverns amid in the harbour are acutely day-tripper traps. No, I will not accord you names. I’ll be absolute and acquaint you about those who absolutely angle out from the crowd. Actuality are places I prefer.

The aboriginal two are abutting to anniversary other, amid the berth and the nightclubs strip.

To Bakaliko: This restaurant deserves a appropriate mention: the aliment is good, it is accessible all year and the aggregation is adolescent and actual friendly. Greek Mum’s cooking, at the appropriate price, and at the bend of a bright clear sea. It is alleged “To bakaliko” which agency the grocery abundance in Greek. This explains the somewhat all-embracing and ancient decor, which will absolutely abruptness you. Pleasant in winter as in summer, the alehouse proposes accomplished “mezedes”, mainly based on seafood. I acclaim beans “Mavromati”, served with anchovies and ambrosial dill. A adorable and hasty mix!

One of my admired dishes: cuttlefish with beginning spinach, onions and beginning amazon sauce: a must!

Their white Taramosalata with hot “pitta bread” acknowledgment is delightful: annihilation to do with the beaming blush accrue we are acclimated to… If you adopt meat, broiled lamb chops are account a appointment also.

I commonly appointment Skiathos in May and never abort to accept cafeteria or banquet in this alehouse that altogether reflects a anniversary atmosphere in Greece. While arctic Europe is still arising from winter torpor, a acceptable Greek sun floods the terrace of the Bakaliko and the balmy articulation of the Greek accompanist Parios accompanies my aboriginal ouzo. A treat!

The added alehouse is alleged “TO AKROGIALI”, which agency “The shore”. Their broiled sardines with a Greek bloom are absolutely account the try. It is simple but not any beneath delicious.

The third alehouse I acclaim is Kabourelias, amid in the old port, afterwards Bourtzi. This is a “ouzeri”: you adjustment a baby canteen of ouzo or tsipouro, that you will sip with or after ice. For anniversary bottle, you accept a meze: the “midia saganaki”, mussels with amazon booze and broiled feta cheese, the absurd “Gavros”, baby anchovies you will eat from arch to tail, just like French fries, broiled octopus, absurd calamari, “kolokithakia tiganita”, absurd zucchini accompanied with tsatsiki (the accurate one, abounding of garlic, not an bogus from the supermarket… ), the “melitzano salata” or eggplant caviar, and “tirokafteri”, ambrosial cheese, accompanied by broiled pitta. The appearance to the old anchorage and the Bourtzi is beautiful. The abode is actual quiet as it is amid in a allotment of the anchorage that is bankrupt to cars.

If you wish to eat fish, go to the “Amfiliki” restaurant. It is rather big-ticket (usually angle is actual big-ticket in the islands), but their beginning angle and their pasta with lobster (astakomakaronada) are famous. As this restaurant is amid on the top of a acropolis overlooking the bay of Megali Ammos and the Peninsula of Kalamaki, abaft the Skiathos Health Center, the terrace offers across-the-board angle of the sea. Book a table with a appearance the day before.

Additionally, a restaurant that I absolutely adulation is “Agnadio”. It aswell offers a admirable appearance and is amid on the alley to the abbey of Evangelistria. It is a ancestors business and the buyer is affable and actual caring with his audience who are acquiescently served in an affected adornment fabricated of aloof colours and anxious details. The kitchen comes a little off the baffled advance and proposes Greek and Italian food. It is aswell a restaurant area the islanders like to meet, which is a actual absolute reference.

If you are searching for a altered and simpler ambience after abbreviation the quality, I would acclaim the Alehouse Kanapitsa. It is abutting to our luxury anniversary rental on the peninsula of Kalamaki. At the bus stop Nr. 12, about-face appropriate and about 500m from the capital road, on the bank of Kanapitsa, you will acquisition the alehouse in question. We had a abundant meal at the water’s edge, in a balmy and clandestine atmosphere with a adornment fabricated out of copse and stone. As a finishing agenda I would like to acquaint you to my favourite restaurant. Perfect for a adventurous evening: alert animated music, alluringly busy in shades of olive green, actual accessible agents and accomplished food. The outstanding appearance is account accession afore sunset, yes, even for you who adore bistro late. I capital to flash some added ablaze on this abode and accomplish you ascertain their accomplished cooking. The breeding of Olive Land’s dishes cannot alone be enjoyed on the atom but aswell delivered to you. Consequently, if it is added to your affection you will be able to adore them on our terrace or by the pool.